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Invitation to the EACLIPT Members Meeting 2024

Updated: Mar 20

Dear EACLIPT Members,

As a public non-profit organization, EACLIPT hosts regular Member Meetings according to the organization's foundational bylaws. The Members Meeting is the highest decision-making body of EACLIPT and decides on issues such as amendments to the statutes, membership fees, and elects the EACLIPT Board.

For this year, the EACLIPT Board cordially invites all members to join the EACLIPT Member Meeting 2024 on March 22, 2024, 13:00 - 13:45 CET. The meeting will take place at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in the context of this year's EACLIPT Conference 2024. If you would like to attend the meeting but not the conference, please send us a brief email to, so we can organize your access to the conference venue for that time slot.

We are currently exploring options to livestream the meeting. However, voting is currently reserved for members who physically attend the venue due to verification practicalities.

To accredit yourself for the Membership Meeting, please register below using your EACLIPT login credentials. Eligible for voting are all regular members who paid their 2023 membership contributions. If you haven't paid your contribution yet, please sign up for the new automatic invoicing system now.

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