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The shadow of a person on a starlight background illustrating EACLIPTs mission to reach for the stars and change European policy on clinical psychology, psychological treatments, and psychotherapy

EACLIPT Membership

Become part of the mission and enjoy many benefits:

  • Participate in our open policy working groups, or host an EACLIPT event locally.

  • Enjoy more than 20h of educational material on demand, wherever you are.

  • Receive continued-education credit points for your webinar or conference participation

  • Good karma and our eternal gratitude: EACLIPT is a fully member-funded organisation, thank you for keeping it going!

Would you like to start a new EACLIPT Special Interest Group?

EACLIPT Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are transnational communities of experts who wish to work together on driving EACLIPTs mission forward in a specific subfield.

  • Connect to like-minded experts through the EACLIPT Community

  • Make use of EACLIPTs institutional and personal network throughout Europe

  • Get involved in European policy and EACLIPTs activities on a European level

Special Interest Groups

Connect with experts from your field through our EACLIPT SIGs. 

Connect all around Europe!

Find EACLIPT members that share your interests.

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