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New Issue of Clinical Psychology in Europe just released!

We are very pleased to announce that the 1st issue of the 5th volume of *Clinical Psychology in Europe* has just been published. You can download the full issue as a PDF or read it online at

We were able to put together yet another issue packed with exciting research.

Our new EACLIPT President, Professor Chantal Martin-Soelch (Switzerland) opens the issue with insights into the neuroscience behind resilience

Furthermore, you will read about

… how nocebo effects may have influenced the handling and consequences of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (Roy et al.)

… the EACLIPT survey on opportunities and challenges for clinical psychology during the COVID-19 pandemic(Asbrand & Gerdes et al.)

… the role of muscular interoceptive accuracy in patients with tic disorders and (Schütteler et al.)

… a new approach to study prolonged grief in different cultures (Killikelly & Maercker)

Additionally, a study protocol for an RCT investigating a specific training to acquire CBT skills (Bruijniks et al.) and an announcement for a registered report for a study on nonsuicidal self-injury (Cahtelyn & Linthout et al.) are part of our new issue.

Please spread the word, share this announcement, post on social media, and…

…enjoy reading.

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