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EACLIPT Conference 2024 | Discuss your Clinical Case with Prof. Cory Newman from the Beck Institute!

Did you ever experience a clinical case that you just couldn't wrap your mind around? A situation you didn't know how to handle, or a patient with an issue so interesting that you would like to see it discussed on the big stage of our EACLIPT x UMH Conference 2024 in Amsterdam?

Then this is your chance: We are honored to announce that Beck Institute Faculty Prof. Dr. Cory Newman, Director of the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, will join us for the conference on March 21 - 22, 2024, to host a special Public Supervision session! For this, we are looking for your most interesting, mind-provoking, obscure, intense, or just most memorable clinical case.

We welcome all brief case descriptions at

And if you haven't gotten your ticket yet: There are still a few left! Get your tickets here.

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