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Congratulations to Laura Bielinski, PhD, and Gwen Wälchli, M.Sc, for their poster

A quick look back at the Amsterdam conference to congratulate our first winners of the poster contest organised by EACLIPT, Laura Bielinski, PhD, and Gwen Wälchli, M.Sc, for their poster entitled "Results from the Acute-REMOTION Study: an Internet-based Intervention in Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Care". They are both members of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Laura and Gwen did an outstanding scientific poster presenting the preliminary results of the Acute-REMOTION project. Studies about blended treatments, that combine face-to-face psychotherapy with internet-based interventions, are rare in acute psychiatric inpatient settings. Their study aim at examining the utilization of the internet-based intervention "REMOTION" with patients in acute inpatient treatment and explore the potential effectiveness on enhancing emotion regulation and reducing symptom severity. Their preliminary results show that patients are satisfied with the internet-based intervention and the system usability was considered good. The rate of module completers decreased with each module and the average time spend on the modules decreased after the fourth one.

We look forward to the rest of their results on symptom severity and emotion regulation!

You can follow Gwen Wälchi on LinkedIn.

Laura Bielinski & Gwen Wälchli - Poster
Download PDF • 353KB

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